Village Florist
 Owner: Susan Clark
East Haddam, CT  

Telephone: 860-345-3658
      or 860-873-1341

Village Florist’s reputation has been built on the quality of our flowers as well as the services we provide. 

When flowers are delivered to the shop they are immediately treated by cutting the stems and giving them a deep container of water to drink from. This allows the flowers to absorb the water they will need to remain healthy and fresh.

Your flowers will benefit from some simple attention from you, to insure their optimum lifespan and your enjoyment. 

Cut flowers and bouquets: 
Trim the stems on and angle and place them into water adding the floral preservative that we have provided with your flowers. For optimum longevity keep your flowers in a cool area, preferably away from any heat source and out of direct sunlight. For safety sake, always remember to keep out of reach from pets and children. 

Water should be refreshed every 2-3 days. Trim the stems and include a bit of the floral preservative in the fresh water. 

Plants and dish gardens:
Plants and dish gardens will be lightly watered upon purchase or delivery. Please follow the accompanying instructions provided on the plant care tag included with the plant or dish garden.  Most of our plants are easy care and appropriate for both home and office.